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[Shade for LED lantern for camp]

You can make a small rechargeable LED lantern look stylish with an origami shade.

 It can be folded into a small size in the included storage case, making it perfect for camping and outdoor activities.

 You can easily carry it around, so you can use it when you want to change the atmosphere of your room.

 The geometric origami design creates a dazzling kaleidoscope-like light.
Enjoy the colors reflected on the table and walls.

 You can hang it using the included carabiner or place it on a table.
(When placing it, the diameter of the bottom of the LED lantern must be within 4cm.)

 *LED lantern is not included. Only the shade will be sold.

*The size is perfect for Goal Zero LIGHTHOUSE micro FLASH and Ledlenser ML4. (Lanterns with a height of 13cm or less will fit.)

 *Do not use for anything other than LED lanterns. Using it with candles, oil lamps, halogen lamps, etc. may cause a fire.

 *There are some burn marks left when the origami was cut. Please note that this is not a stain.

 *The hologram sheet will wrinkle when folded.

 note that.

Origami lampshade Onion rainbow

Sales Tax Included
Scheduled to ship in early June
  • Shade diameter: approx. 19 cm

    Height: approx. 18 cm

    Storage case dimensions: Approx. 18.5 x 12 x 4cm
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