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Connect with nature and connect with yourself
I somrtimes remember in my daily life
My heart and body are relaxing
Our works connect people and nature
It is our pleasure that the world flows

The artist duo YouRuMaru (Suguru Funaki and Rie Sumi) have been working together since 2018.
Focusing on the concepts of  結 "Connect" 流 "Flow" and 環 "Relaxation & Circulation”,
YouRuMaru express the connection and integration of different fields such as yoga and art
– one example being a room-sized meditation devicethat elicits a sensation of relaxation in the mind and body.
These three-dimensional works incorporate Japanese traditions and techniques to produce immersive illumination-art installation and events.

Suguru Funaki


Born in Akita Prefecture

Joined the installation art group Mirrorbowler in 2008.

Participated as a director.

2018 with the theme of connecting people and nature through art

Started activities of the art unit "YouRuMaru" with Rie Kado.


Rie Sumi

​Artist / Producer

Born in Tottori Prefecture, raised in Kochi Prefecture

Graduated from Dokkyo University, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of German Studies

Worked for foreign airlines, secretary to presidents of Japanese and foreign companies, executives

After working as an assistant, he became independent as a yoga and meditation instructor, which he had continued since childhood.

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