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Origami Crystals

Ginza Six, Tokyo, Japan 2020

Origami, a technique filled with Japanese wisdom and ingenuity, has been used to create lighting that fits in with modern life. Tosa washi is one of Japan's three oldest paper types, with a history of 1,000 years.The pattern of Rakusui washi is created by water drops.This technique is rare in the world.The patterns are created by the power of nature, which is produced by the abundant subterranean water of the Niyodo River, a clear stream in Kochi Prefecture. The lounge was enveloped in a gentle light spilling out from Tosa washi

Materials : Tosa washi, LED lights, Iron Art direction : YouRuMaru

Produce : Mirrorbowler

Venue : Ginza Six, Tokyo, Japan Photo : Peta Photo Studio


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