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Light Piller

YouRuMaru Exhibition, S BRICK, Awaji Island, Japan, 2024

The Rhythm of Existence - Catch the wind -

YouRuMaru Exhibition, S BRICK Awaji Island, Sumoto City

Phase 2: Light Piller

Has been present among the Japanese since ancient times

Sensitivity to feel subtle "presences" and "connections"

The generosity that embraces every moment as beautiful

Unearthed in the life of Awaji Island

A collection of works that incorporate sensations and scenery


Our artwork "Light Piller" that imitates a pillar of light that rarely appears in the sky over Awaji Island.

It is a mysterious phenomenon that can only be seen under certain conditions,

and is a type of atmospheric optical phenomenon.

It appears as the lights of fishing boats and city lights are reflected.

Behind the fantastical scenery,

there are human activities, and there is a beauty there that is different from what you feel

when you see nature in front of you.

For better or worse, humans tend to be attracted to and appreciate more intuitive

and universal beauty that is free of human presence or intellectual intervention.

"Harmony is born from things that are not harmonious."

I hope for a peaceful and beautiful world where we can recognize the value of different beauty,

allow them to coexist, and simply feel and savor the connection in silence.

Another Story/Derivation

The Amenonuboko spear that Izanagi and Izanami sent down from heaven to the ocean

Awaji Island was created by stirring things up. From the chaos came various things.

The process of birth is likened to the constant twinkling of seven-colored lights.


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