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Iju Flower Vortex 〜Connecting All Life〜

Yambaru Art Festival 2023-2024, Okinawa, Japan

This work compares the richness of Yambaru to a whirl of energy, and allows you to see and experience the details from the inside of the vortex. The world is beautiful beyond imagination and it will remind you of various connections.


Concept of the Art Object

Through the gap in the deep greenery

Trees dancing trying to catch the light

From here and there gently shake the ears

Bird whispers and insect voices

Stepping with your feet

Listen to the rythem of the earth

Together with the wind

White flowers dance into the layers of the sky


This is a place filled with the power of life, Yambaru


Materials : Stainless steel,hologram film,resin,spot lights

Size : 7M

Co-worked : Jungle studio, Sakishiraz

Exhibition : Yambaru Art Festival 2023-2024 Venue : Oriental hotel okinawa resort & spa, Okinawa, Japan


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