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Iju Flower Chandelier

Yambaru Art Festival 2022-2023, Okinawa, Japan

Iju, an endemic species of Ryukyu. White flowers dancing in the mountains of Yambaru. A flower that nourishes the grass and leaves and heralds the arrival of the season that nurtures a rich ecosystem. Invited by the mellow scent of flowers, the creatures also dance. Fresh and full of vitality, It evokes the richness of Yambaru and the magnificent natural scenery. Welcome. This is the entrance to Yambaru where Iju is fragrant.

Materials : Stainless steel,hologram film,resin,spot lights

Size : 2.3M

Co-worked : Jungle studio, Yamazaki Sheetmetal Big thanks : Norio Nakamura Zign

Exhibition : Yambaru Art Festival 2022-2023 Venue : Oriental hotel okinawa resort & spa, Okinawa, Japan


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