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Bloom Bloom

YouRuMaru Exhibition, S BRICK, Awaji Iland, Japan,2024

The Rhythm of Existence - Catch the wind -

YouRuMaru Exhibition, S BRICK in Awaji

Phase 1 「Bloom Bloom

It has lived in the Japanese people since ancient times.

Sensitivity to feel subtle "presences" and "connections."

A generosity that makes every moment feel beautiful.

Unearthed in the life of Awaji Island

"Bloom Bloom" is a work that incorporates sensation and scenery.

An imaginary flower that I have never seen before.

Light that shines in seven colors and evokes our sensibilities.

Upcycled onion skins from Awaji Island Even if we are the same people,

the japanese washi we made is A symbol of something that shows itself in a new way,

as if discovering a different expression.

Through the work, each “catch the wind” and

I want you to reflect the unraveling connections in your heart and admire them.


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